Placing the Blame
by R.A. Melos

You broke my heart, and you're gonna have to pay,
because I'll love you until my dying day.

I wanted to hate you,
God knows I tried.
He also bore silent witness to all the tears I've cried.

So go on and live your life,
knowing your actions cut me like a knife.
The wound is too deep to heal,
I know this pain is something you can feel.

These feelings are something in which I've long enough stewed,
because I've finally realized you are karmically screwed!

You are the one who missed out on something that could've been so good.
I know we'll have another chance together, as the Universe dictates we should.

So until that time, realize for your actions there are consequences.
Soon the day will come when you'll want to tear down those fences.

And for you I'll always be there,
because you are the only one for whom I still care.

For now I can forgive you, and wish you well,
knowing your current life is a complete living Hell.

Always open are my heart and door,
if you want we can work through this and much more.

To me you are perfection personified,
I know I'm the only one to whom you never lied.

So now I leave up to you my heart to heal.
For you and I know truthfully what was real.

You're the one with the power to set it all right.
Until then, Robert, my love, I bid you sweet goodnight.


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