This article was originally called Gay, Pagan and Proud--Journal Entry 3--An Inner Peace Spell Part 2 and part of that title still works. This is essentially a lesson in meditation from someone who finds it almost impossible to meditate. This is continued from Coping in the Spirituality Section of this web page.

An Inner Peace Spell

A Gay Opinion 8/99

by R.A. Melos

This is a continuation of entry 2. I was beginning to run a bit long there, so I broke this up.

I was discussing the casting of spells with music. The type of spell you choose to cast will help you choose the type of music/energy you want to raise. I never suggest any music which has original lyric that condones violence, as this my be an energy very hard to overcome even when your intentions are peaceful. Thus, rap is great for meditative moods, and some rap is good for spells, but I urge you to choose the music carefully.

As I said earlier, for me, Cher has some great songs which have the beat I look for to raise energy. Some of her more recent songs are good for enjoyment and for spell casting. Recently, when feeling down about Mr. Right, I choose to cast an inner strength spell for myself. What I was attempting to achieve was a feeling of emotional peace. Due to the personal references in this spell I can not print it here. However, to give you an example of what I'm referring to as musical spell casting, I will print a more general spell here.

This spell is for a feeling of inner peace. It is written to the tune of Drift Away, a Dobbie Gray song from the early 1970s. The original lyric goes, "give me the beat boys, and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock and roll, and drift away".

My chorus went "Give me the peace god, and free my soul, I wanna get lost in the love you show, and drift away". Now I know you're probably questioning the application of magick as you think of it, but we make all kinds of magick for ourselves everyday, and this is just one form of self-enchantment which works for me. Again, this is very closely connected to psychology, so I recommend reading up on basic psychology, as well as wishcraft. Remember, "be careful what you wish for, for you may surely get it".

The ceremony I perform for this general peace spell consists of putting the song I'm using on the CD player as I set up my altar. I like to have a Goddess candle, a God candle, a Universal Spirit candle all set in a triangle with the point toward me. Of course you always invoke the four corners/guardians/watchtowers, whatever you choose to call them. In the case of this spell I would call the guardian energy to watch over my spell.

You may also, but not necessarily, use one more candle. The spell candle. This should be color coordinated to the type of spell you are casting. I suggest, for inner peace, a white candle. I usually use small three or four inch candles that take about three hours to burn completely out.

After you call in your quarters and welcome the Goddess, the God and the Universal Spirit, sit or stand in front of your altar, hold the spell candle, maybe, if you feel inclined, with the unlit tip to the third eye position on your forehead, and sing, (or speak if your singing voice sounds like mine) your chant.

Repeat your chant until you feel you've accomplished the energy needed to complete your task on an Astral Plane. Continue to sing or hum your chant, light the spell candle from the Universal Spirit candle, place it on your altar, and, if you choose, sit or stand and meditate on the burning flame for a time. You may continue to hum or sing if you choose.

Now you do not have to sit until the candle burns out. You may thank the Goddess and God, and Universal Spirit for attending you circle, and bid them farewell. Do the same with the Guardian energy of the corners, always bidding them farewell with respect. I generally do this by thanking them for their presence, and say something like "Hail, and farewell," or even and occasional "good-bye, and thank you for coming", is acceptable. Remember, all these energies, Goddess and God, and Universal Spirit included are your friends as well as life force. Respect them as you respect yourself.

After the spell has been cast, allow the spell candle to burn itself out. As always do not leave a candle unattended, but do go about your business as usual.



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