One of the greatest freedoms a person can experience, emotionally speaking, is a vacation from the responsibilities of living life on a deadline. We all do it, in one form or another, without even knowing it. We race from appointment to appointment, to lunch, dinner, dates, movies, plays, etc.. A real sense of freedom comes from not having to be a slave to the clock.

A Word About Time

A Gay Opinion 8/99

by R.A. Melos


Time is created by mortals to account for aging. If you stop to think about everything connected with time, especially hours, minutes, seconds, etc., you will realize all these are man-made. Time, life, the universe as we know it will one day cease to exist as we know it, and if man is still in existence he would, if it weren't for his apparent end of existence as well, say, "the world ended at such and such a time." The irony of this is, he won't be around to say anything.

You should learn all you can about time, but realize this is a futile pursuit, as time doesn't exist in the realm of true magick. In certain Celtic belief systems, and possibly many other systems I have yet to explore, it is possible to exist in the past, present and future all in the same moment. This is primarily, once again, because time is something conceived of in the mortal mind alone, so, technically, we are existing on an infinite plane that knows no limit of time.

Once you accept time as something only relevant to mortal man, and then only when he is calculating his hourly wages, you will be faced with two wonderful possibilities, both of which must be adhered to, if you are to continue existing in both the mortal realm, and magickal realm.

Possibility one: You must continue to accept mortal man's invention of time, since you must eat, sleep, work and live in your current incarnation in the mundane world. You must exist on this plane in order to also exist in the magickal planes. The magickal planes are what we call astral, and therefore, while in this incarnation, you can only enter them through your mind. What some call imagination, others call magickal planes of existence. These are the places where muses, myths, and sometimes monsters live, and where you may encounter yourself, if you wish to explore your true inner being.

All of this is done without the distraction of man's time. You are evolving at your own pace, as does every living creature and plant on the planet, and you will blossom when you are ready. No amount of prodding, or praying, or wishing will give you the growth rate acceleration you may desire. As the mortal saying goes, "good things come to those who wait." True goodness, true happiness, is not something to do with time, or the passage of time, since time only exists for mortals.

Goodness, or happiness, comes to those who seek to delve beyond man's plane of existence, and understand the real joys of the universe. You may peek in on them, and discover "the big picture", the meaning of you existence, and what the universe is all about, anytime you choose. The only requirement of this experience is an open mind. If you can't get beyond the concept of two different realms of existence, (especially where time is concerned), you will have trouble opening up to the wonders of the universe. Man is meant to coexist with nature, as part of nature, however, it is obvious, man chooses to work against nature rather than with it.

Another saying, "if it don't come easy, let it go", is very relevant to the concept of time as a non- existent philosophy. Think about it this way; with each passing minute a new effect is occurring. Would that effect still occur if man did not consider the concept of time? The answer is yes. Trees grow, seasons change, the world ages. Man just put a name to the process, and since it is a process of nature, it exists without needing a name.

Knowing time is irrelevant and yet accepting it's existence as fact, is an act of faith. While all of this may seem like double talk, it really is a step on the path to the universal wonders which await to enlighten you at each turn in the road. The rainbow will exist weather you know it is 2:00 o'clock PM or not. The Universal Spirit exists in spite of man's endless obsession with himself, which is another symptom of time.

Man wanted to know the time, so man would know when to hunt, when to work, when to sleep, when to rejoice. Time was marked with moons, 13 in a mortal year, and the sun, rising and setting once every day. At one point in man's evolution, there was darkness and light. This was time, and this was the two different realms of mortal man.

Darkness, ruled by goblins, gnomes, elves and trolls, was mysterious and frightening. It was something mortal man feared. Of course mortal man feared and still fears the unknown. I remember in kindergarten, this will give you an idea as to my age, we were told "a stranger is a friend you haven't yet met". Today's kindergarten warns you to stay away from strangers, and rightly so, for when it was only darkness and light, the unknown could still hurt you. The object lesson here is to be cautious in your dealings with strangers or the unknown.

Light, was ruled by gods, fairies, and angels. This isn't to say one or the other is evil, only living in different settings and for different reasons, thus, for some mortals, light may seem as frightening as dark. In the magickal realm these things exist in harmony and unison, and are both considered friendly, even when they are unknowns. Mortal man acknowledges their separate controls of darkness and light, barely thinking of it in a time reference, yet it is one of the most basic references.

The trick of getting beyond this isn't to take for granted the sun will rise or set, but to know in your heart as well as your mind, the sun will rise and set. Accept faith in your heart, knowing you will be led to the right path for yourself, through the power of the Universal Spirit, and you will have the inner peace all mortals seek.



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