Most of what you've read so far, if you're reading in order, is a type of Pagan spirituality primer. The most important aspect of Paganism is to know yourself. Many of the more organized (read that as money based) religions depend and thrive upon followers not knowing themselves or their own minds. Don't kid yourself, they all may present God as a shepherd tend his flock, but if you're giving much of your hard earned money to a religion because they need a bigger building or renovations or a higher salary for the minister, you really are being fleeced.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not against organized religion. Being gay, I admit I've never felt comfortable with any religion which disapproves of my natural born sexual instincts, but will court me as a parishioner because my wallet is attractive. Some people need that feeling of being connected to God through a building, or a man they feel is learned in the supposed words of God, but society has taught the homosexual not to place too much trust in anyone one or any institution, because people and institutions will turn on you like vicious animals when your difference can be used to drive home a point to the less intelligent of the flock.

The Magickal Mind and Learning to Work WITH Instead of FOR

A Gay Opinion 8/99

by R.A. Melos

Magick is just the act of tapping into less used or unused portions of our brains.

I believe, what we now call witchcraft is simply the expanding use of our minds. It is the growing knowledge we each harbor within ourselves, and our desire to use and share knowledge, which leads to the energetic convergence or creative process.

If you can envision some thing, it can be built or in some other way manifested. We are only limited by our own belief in the power of our own minds.

I'm not suggesting delusive episodes, but a belief in the energy and power of the will.

Willpower, as it is called, is thought of as mastery of self. Well, that's wrong! Mastery over self, or mastery over any person, place, emotion, is a misuse of willpower; it's a manipulation FOR, and not WITH.

True willpower is inner-harmony. If you are one with your inner-being, your "will", you will be in a position to manifest your willpower, as it will be the result of inner harmony.

I know, it sounds like I'm talking in circles, but if you stop to consider the cyclical nature of the universe, then you realize even talking in circles is part of nature.

What we're circling to is inner-peace, blending wants, desires, passions, compassion, needs, thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions, all into one neat and tidy package called the human mind.

This is not achieved through self-mastery, but through working WITH instead of working FOR.

If you have a harmonious work relationship with your wants, desires, needs, passions, compassion, etc., you are working WITH yourself, instead of FOR yourself.

When you work toward a common goal, even if you are working alone, you are still working WITH yourself in harmony.

Picture your goal, envision it in your mind. Now envision your goal as being part of you, as working with you to self achievement. Now, in the Magickal terms, the combined harmonious energy/vibrations you are giving off actually help in the creation of the goal. Thus we have self fulfilling prophecies.

Now you might be saying to yourself, how can an unfulfilled goal help in its own creation? Or, you might be saying to yourself, this guy's nuts. Either way I've got you talking to yourself, and opening communication with your inner-self.

Review what you've learned about time. Once your mind accepts the Celtic/Druidic theory of all time, past, present, future coexisting simultaneously, then you know how the envisioned goal has already been completed, and by envisioning the completed goal, you are helping to build it even as it helps you to build it.

If it is manifested in the visionary or astral planes then it is only a matter of time before it is manifested on the physical plane.

If you believe in the power of your own mind, believe in yourself, you can become one with yourself, and manifest your power of will in harmony with the universal energies to create your goals.

You've all heard the phrases "sheer willpower created," or "Strength of will created. " Again, if you are working WITH instead of FOR your goals, you will have the harmony to create your goals.

All things exist simultaneously, separately, equally, for a harmonious universe. If anything, you will get a sense of inner-peace from attempting to work WITH instead of FOR.

Okay, so now it sounds like brainwashing yourself, or deluding yourself into believing in something you envision. It just isn't that simple.

I'm not talking about fantasizing a goal, but envisioning it. Martin Luther King envisioned racial equality, he didn't fantasize it. He worked toward that vision, sending off energy which was picked up on by others, and that energy grew into the envisioned goal. What some call witchcraft was, for him, a natural subconscious use of his expanded mind.

Marilyn Monroe was probably the most beautiful woman of her time. She also had the natural ability to turn her beauty on and off at will. This, what some call being an adept, was so ingrained in her genetic make up it was a subconscious inner harmony or inner alliance with her goal which simply turned her beauty off and on at will.

With no make-up, wearing a scarf over her head, and a beat up old coat, she could reveal her inner beauty/outer goal and make people stop and take notice.

No, Martin Luther King and Marilyn Monroe were not practicing witchcraft. At least, they weren't consciously practicing witchcraft. They were doing what came naturally to them, using a natural occurrence in the human mind, which gives off the vibrations needed by the universe to manifest the goals on a physical plane. What occurred for them, the natural ability to be one with your goal, can be learned and practiced by everyone.

No, this isn't psychological mumbo jumbo, nor is it metaphysical hocus pocus, it is mental and emotional abilities being focused, creating vibrations/energy waves given off by the mind, which cause the creation of the goal on the astral plane. Once it exists in the astral plane, it is then only a matter of time before it will exist on a physical plane, provided it is feed continuous energy.

Believe in yourself. Believe in your goals. Together you create an existence for yourself, unique in the threads of the universal tapestry.



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