I was watching Blade Runner, a 1980s science fiction film, taken from the Phillip K. Dick novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" I noticed Zeus, my Chow Chow, sleeping on the floor next to my bed, and began to wonder.

Sleeping Dogs
A Gay Opinion 7/20/01
by R.A. Melos

I wonder what my dog dreams of? This was the thought I had as I sat watching him sleep. Every now and then his little red ear would twitch, or a paw would shudder and swat out at some unseen annoyance, an occasional whimper would escape from his lips. Then he would raise his head, stretch his paws out, and lie down again, after surveying the room to make sure everything was safe.

Does he dream of running in a field, chasing rabbits, or rolling about in the grass on a sunny day? I wondered. Or are his dreams more complex? Does he sense my disappointment with the human race, and dream of a world where he and I would both be happy?

What, I wonder, does he consider a world where we could both be happy? Is it a world of truth, honesty, and unlimited treats? Are there green fields to run in and cool streams from which to drink? Is it a world devoid of mistrust and hate? Are milk bones plentiful, and coconut pineapple ice cream available on demand?

In his dreams do those elected officials who, at one time, were supposed to be morally above reproach, engage in oral sex in their offices, become suspect in the disappearance of their alleged mistress, or express their bigotry and bias by engaging in covert dealings to help obtain funding for pseudo-religious organizations which discriminate against homosexuals? Do the human beings in his dreams lie?

I wonder if, in his dreams, bigger dogs dominate smaller minority dogs? Is there some type of doggie hierarchy, in his dreams, where hound dogs get to dictate who Chihuahuas can mate with? Or does he dream of human beings who subtly manipulate others, in order to conform or change them to fit cookie cutter versions of society, where no one is an individual who will step forward to be free of oppression to live and love as they were born to do?

Do human beings of his dreams pretend to be something they're not, just to fit into society? Or do they wear collars, leashes and leather harnesses, and get led around, and trained to fetch, rollover, and play dead?

I wonder if human religious right-wingers share that dream with my dog? At least, do they share the part where homosexuals rollover and play dead, while those oh so pious individuals with God on their side destroy the freedom and equality symbolized by the American flag, with the proposal of an amendment to the constitution, which would deny equality to all those who aren't like them?

I wonder if he remembers his dreams when he wakes up? Does he remember his nightmares, ones where pious Saint Bernards chase him while waving flags and attempt to make him breed with miniature yapping poodles? Does he remember dreaming of splashing in a puddle, and racing around the yard playing tag with me?

I wonder if my doggie dreams of any of these things, or does he simply dream of biting the mailman?

I know I do.



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