You Have To Believe We Are Magick
A Gay Opinion 11/12/01
by R.A. Melos

One of my life goals has been, as far back as I can remember, to feel I am an equal to the rest of society. I know I was born with the knowledge I was equal to all others in society, in the sense we, as human beings, are all equal in the presence of the universal energies. Unfortunately, I, like so many others in life, had that knowledge, that feeling of equality, beaten out of me at an early age, by my so-called peers, through ridicule and physical and emotional torment.

So, I have been trying to regain that feeling of complete equality since that time. You see, knowing you are equal and feeling the emotional security of equality are two different things. In my heart I know I am equal to my peers, and society in general, but because of the cruelties of children, in my own childhood, I, to this day, have occasional moments of feeling emotional inequality.

This should not be, but self-healing of the emotional ordeals of childhood is a long process, and can take a lifetime. Part of that self-healing process is taking control of your life. Not only a physical control, but a sense of control on all emotional levels as well.

The changes in our world don't always come from acts of war, but through simple acts of courage in the guise of emotional exhaustion when one person who has been physically and emotionally stomped on long enough and hard enough finally stands up and says 'Stop!'

When the courage or exhaustion sparks the energy within, the magick, to demand society stop the oppression, cease the emotional cruelty and begin to respect those who are different, then real changes begin to occur.

Those changes have occurred within me, and still are occurring within me. I'm tired of feeling less than, and while I don't expect to feel more than, I do expect to feel equal to, in the greater sense of society. I've tapped into that energy, or magick, on an emotional level, which gives me the strength to say I am equal.

This may sound very simple, but millions of people throughout the world do not realize the simple magick within themselves, the energy within to tap into which will give them the emotional security they need. A lot of the emotional energy is simply learning self-respect, to say 'I deserve the best, because I am my best.'

Believing in ones self is very important in the process of overcoming oppression. Believing you deserve the best, instead of believing you deserve what you get, is essential to controlling your own life instead of allowing life to control you. I'm not saying don't go with the flow of life, just exert a bit of your own inner magick and manipulate life just enough to make the flow more enjoyable.

Of course having self-respect and acknowledging your inner magick won't automatically command the respect of some who insist on exerting their ignorance in order to show their strength over you, but self-respect is a good way of starting to use your inner magick. And while I shouldn't have to say society should respect all of its members equally, it is something which needs to be said and repeated often because society, in many cases, doesn't adhere to the importance of all of its members being their best.

Much of society revolves around money, and the worshiping of it, the pursuit of it, the desire for it. Yes, I too like and need money, just like everyone else, but learning to keep the real values in life in perspective is more important than owning the latest DVD technology. Know money for what it is, a means to and end, and nothing more. Money gives false power. Respecting someone because they have money is a false respect, and those who haven't learned this lesson are misusing the magick within themselves.

Lets face it, we are all capable of ignorance, and intolerance. Controlling the magick within ourselves is not about controlling others, but learning to work with others. Being part of a group, or a team effort, emotionally, means accepting all those in the group or on the team. Accepting means on every level, and to feel complete acceptance each part of the group, each member of society, must be made to feel comfortable enough to accept themselves and expect the acceptance of who they are from others.

This acceptance shouldn't have to be something granted by government in the form of partnership benefits, or anti-discrimination laws, but our society is one in which, without such laws, ignorance would rule. Even with such laws, in many cases, ignorance and oppression rule, and that is another reason it is important to tap into your inner magick, your emotional strength, because taking the first steps toward enlightenment and evolvement on an emotional level means wiping out ignorance and intolerance in our world.

The first place we have to do this is within our own hearts.

Yes, we have to believe we are magick, because magick is more than spells and potions, and witches and fairies. Magick is the energy within us, emotionally, psychologically, physically, which drives us to better ourselves and make changes personally which will effect the greater society around us..

We have to believe we can make a difference, and we can be all we want to be, and then we know the real magick we all have within ourselves. I know I'm part of that magick, as is all of society. Knowledge, especially self-knowledge, is power. And, power is a form of magick, especially when used with intelligence, love and tolerance.

We each evolve at our own rate, and heal at our own rate. Using the inner magick of ourselves makes the process go a little faster. Life isn't perfect, because it is a learning situation. This is but one lesson I've learned, and am passing on. Believe in your own magick, and make your own world magickal with your beliefs.