This is a sequel article, to "Straight" Expectations, delving more into the emotional side of expectations. My expectations have changed since writing this, because of the cruel acts of terrorism which took place on September 11, 2001. Expectations, prior to that date involved a sense of safety or security in my life, which was already shaky due to much of my life experience.

My expectations are of a world where you truly cannot trust completely, or understand completely, but accept or hope or pray you can and will in another place and time.

"Straight" Expectations II
A Gay Opinion 09/19/00
by R.A. Melos

In the first installment of this article I ended up talking less about "straight" expectations and more about my emotional unrest after being thrown aside by the hot stud I sometimes refer to as Mr. Right. However, this subject does lead me well into the second installment of this article, and allows me to delve into the emotional side of expectations.

Many people, including my ex-lover, wonder why I haven't simply moved on to another relationship. After all, I was tossed aside, and should simply accept it and move on to someone new. Well I do accept being dumped, that isn't the problem. The problem with moving on, is the emotional expectations I had during my relationship with Mr. Right were much higher than his expectations.

For me to enter into any sexual relationship there is a great deal of emotional involvement. However a relationship and love do not go hand in hand, nor does the level of emotional involvement. While for me to give my heart and soul to a situation is a major decision, a complete change of mind set on how I view myself and my life, apparently for my ex-lover, and many others in society, the emotional involvement in entering and leaving a relationship is comparable to the emotional involvement which one puts into purchasing a carton of milk.

I have been asked why I would open my feelings on these matters in such a public manner?

While some people choose to sit before a fireplace contemplating their emotions in the flicker of the flames, very privately, I choose to write about it and place it all on the web for anyone interested.

After rereading part one of this article I realize I was very negative in my opinion of Mr. Right's second wife, more so in the way she became his second wife. This was very hypocritical of me, since I have stated in previous writings, had I been out and open to my homosexuality at the time, I would've done the exact same things to get what I wanted. Well, not the exact same things, I couldn't tell him I was pregnant and got an abortion, since I can't get pregnant, but you get the idea.

I obviously have a biased opinion of Mr. Right's second wife, however, I am in the minority as far as society seems to be concerned. I can attest to societies indifference and acceptance of using any means to break up a marriage in order to get a mate, by example of all the second and third wives whom I deal with, while working in real estate, who proudly tell me how they took their mate from his previous spouse.

So obviously the expectations I grew up with, the ones taught to me by my heterosexual parents, the ones which tell me a marriage or union between two people is sacred, are wrong. Society seems perfectly willing to accept all people in relationships being up for grabs by any single person looking for a mate of their own.

I guess it is reasonable to expect there is another person circling around out there somewhere waiting for Mrs. Right's mate to get the urge to wander again. And I guess it is also an expectation of society all mates get the urge to wander, since every television program from talk show to drama to comedy deals with the subject of cheating mates.

So while I've been dealing with the emotional fallout of being outed by my ex-lover, and changing the entire way I look at my life and at society, which is another reason I haven't moved on to a new sex-partner, society has been changing their expectations from those I was raise to believe in, to a free-for-all-everything-goes expectational system.

Obviously, since I am a gay male, society foolishly expects me to consider only other gay males as potential partners, and I do. Mr. Right told me straight out he consider himself bisexual, so he would be fair game if I wanted to have him back. Lucky for Mrs. Right I've been there and done that, and am looking for newer pastures.

The emotional extremes of the outing process have opened me up to an entirely new way of viewing society. While I feel, as a gay male, it is my obligation to homosexual society to live my life as openly and honestly as possible, and to continue to write articles such as these so other homosexuals know they are not alone, I also feel my view of what is expected and accepted has drastically changed.

Several years ago, I would have thought a relationship was a means of emotional security, but now, thanks to Mr. Right and his second wife of the moment, I see society in general doesn't view marriage sacred unless they are talking about heterosexual unions, and by their very actions Mr. and current Mrs. Right have proven even heterosexual unions are not to be considered sacred. So the expectation of emotional security in any kind of a union is purely the illusion of those involved in the union, and is as secure as they truly want it to be.

So my life can serve as a warning to all homosexuals involved in a relationship with a straight-lying, "straight-living" homosexual. Once my opinion of these relationships would have been to either run from the relationship before you get hurt or accept it for what it is, but that has changed. Now my opinion is to pull out all the stops.

If I want someone I'll let them know it, whether they are single and out and gay, or married and closeted. The only requirement is they must be open to me, and honest with me about their expectations (I believe in full disclosure), and I expect to give the same in return.

I don't regret all I've been through emotionally to reach this point in my life, and I don't regret losing Mr. Right, but if I had to do it all over again, or if I am given the opportunity of another chance at a relationship, I will make sure my expectations are known up front and I'll make sure the object of my affections knows just what he means to me.

I guess where expectations are concerned, always expect the unexpected.



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