A Sense Of The Gloaming
A Metaphysical Moment 8/27/02
by R. A. Melos

So many nights I lie in bed in the we hours of the morning, thinking to myself, how I don't like the direction in which the world is going. Not just my life, but the whole world in general.

I watch the news and I see anger and hate, and repression, and lies and deceit, and violence, and I just wonder what is the point of it all? It's not a thought filled with hopelessness and despair, followed by the thought of hopefulness for the new day rising with the sun. No, it's simply a question. One to which there are as many answers as there are individuals on the planet.

I suppose, on some level, I should really be more concerned with the answers, but a part of me tells myself not to worry so much about the answers themselves, because all questions will answer themselves given enough time.

I don't feel a motivation to intentionally set out to change the world, yet I know my mere presence on the planet effects the outcome of so much in the world, and so little at the same time.

Philosophical or not, laying in bed, alone, in the early morning hours, at the gloaming, the time between darkness and light, is when the mind can be at its most curious. I won't say most productive or active because, in those insomniac moments, that is the time the mind chooses to taunt with thoughts of could be's and would be's, and should be's.

Time doesn't stop, yet it doesn't truly exist in the metaphysical states. Time is physical as are the effects of aging, but it is in the metaphysical moments, the gloaming, when we can have the most clarity and confusion.

It is when the could be's and should be's and would be's blur the lines which separate them from the what is and leave us wondering about the infinite possibilities.

The gloaming is the most creative time of day, just before dawn or just before dusk, because it is in the in-between times when the muses, the powers of the universe, are most active and they reach out or well up from within to touch us with creativity. It is the time of infinite possibilities, and the time when we are at our most susceptible, vulnerable, accepting and questioning.

The gloaming is everything rolled into one, and unraveled at the same instance. It is the Alice In Wonderland moment of the day when nothing is as it seems, yet everything is exactly as it is supposed to be, even if all is not right with the world (in our opinions).

So cherish the gloamings, the in-between moments of the day when the universe touches you in a metaphysical way to let you know it cares.