Romance and politics don't mix, just ask Bill Clinton. However, there is a politics to romance, and to choosing the perfect life mate and world leader. Maybe my ways of choosing both need some changes, but this is how I used to do it. Pick a President, that is.

GOP: Gay, Out and Proud
A Gay Opinion 2/27/01
by R.A. Melos

I never really cared for, or actually gave much thought to, politics. I don't remember the first Presidential election in which I voted, and, as the most recent Presidential election proved, it's more than likely, I won't trust anyone I do vote for in the future. I guess, politically speaking, I'll go back to my old method of choosing the candidate I will back.

Huh, what? Oh, what was my old method of choosing a candidate?

I used to vote for the candidate I found most sexually attractive. Not necessarily the one I would want to sleep with, but the one who at the very least set off an emotion of recognition of sexual attraction within me. However, as a recent article in Genre magazine on how to find a boyfriend pointed out for me, as if I needed a magazine article to point out anything to me, my method of finding a boyfriend doesn't lead me to the proper choices for myself.

Now, since my method of, let's call it "life companion hunting" is the same as my political candidate selection system, it is reasonable to assume I have made poor political choices in the past.

Well, I know I made a poor choice as far as life companions go, or I wouldn't currently be alone. According to the above mentioned boyfriend stalking article, I mean boyfriend hunting article, I should be looking for overall substance where a man is concerned. He should be well rounded, in a figurative way, encompassing stable emotional, physical, and financial status.

Okay. Now right here is where the problem comes into play. Society, both heterosexual and homosexual alike, from the time of our births, teaches all of us the only things to aim for are looks and money.

When political candidates are financial equals, just like potential life partners, my next criteria is looks. Of course, if I had my way, Gary Hart would've been president way back in the day. Alas, now, so would Al Gore.

Being a modern gay man, one who is, perhaps, more free thinking even for our current free thinking times, I should be about more than looks and money. After all, it seems to me, if all I'm about are looks and money, then I'm no better than any of the heterosexual women I know.

Now, when it comes to life companion choices, many of us just can't seem to punch out the hole. Oh sure, we get those bubbles, shadows, and partial blips, which could mean we have a winner but, in the long run, we've really only fooled ourselves into a short term relationship with no more substance than an over the hill frat party boy (that's the same as a 30 year old circuit party boy in gay-speak).

Since my political decision has, for the time being, been made for me, due to circumstances beyond my control, it's time to focus on potential life partners again. Now bearing in mind, according to Genre magazine, I'm already making life altering mistakes in my life partner choosing process, and my political leader choosing process as well, I'm left to pick up the pieces of my shattered political and romantic illusions and make the best of an undesirable situation.

Well, at least I don't have to actually sleep with George W. Bush.


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