2001 Retrospect
A Gay Opinion 12/26/01
by R. A. Melos

In retrospect everything always looks simpler, easier, less stressed than things currently are, but they weren't, we've only grown a thicker skin when it comes to remembering the past. Time doesn't heal all wounds, it only makes viewing the scars more bearable.

Great strides have been made in many areas, be even great strides lay ahead for the world. Historians may look back on the events of 2001 as a setback in the evolution of man, but I don't see it that way.

Mankind has been given an opportunity, in the form of an emotional obstacle, to put hate, bigotry, all forms of prejudice based on sex, sexual orientation, age, race and religion, behind us once and for all.

Once the initial shock of 2001 faded, a lot of healing had to be done, and still does, but it will be done. If anything, mankind has proven resilience, throughout history, in the face of disaster.

Healing isn't easy, but it's part of the life process and it happens whether or not we are conscious of it. Some of us are slow healers, slow to get beyond the pains life throws our way, yet we do eventually heal.

I've heard it said 'that which does not kill us makes us stronger.' As a very spiritual Pagan believing in reincarnation and the soul life as well as the mortal existence, even death, no matter what form it takes, teaches us a life lesson and heals us so we may grow on a another level.

What are we growing toward? What is our ultimate goal?

Perhaps it is to reach a time when all of life's lessons can be put to use in truly productive ways instead of having to expend so much energy on healing past hurts? Maybe the ultimate goal is simply to survive to reach a higher plane of existence?

If the lessons of 2001 are to be learned, mankind has to move to a plane of maturity where everyone is accepted as equals and expected to assist in mankind's advancement on the evolutionary scale.

Do I have doubts about mankind's abilities to achieve success in advancing beyond the prejudice and bigotry of the present?

No, I have no doubts. On some spiritual level I have faith in the collective souls abilities to overcome all obstacles in order to achieve the ultimate goals of satisfaction on levels heretofore not imagined.
So, in retrospect, 2001 has been a hard lesson, but one not lost on everyone. We live in a world of infinite possibilities, and in one of those possibilities we each have the potential for our ultimate happiness.

In 2002 I'm going to strive for that happiness, because I know it is possible.