the sentiment of this article is still intact, and most likely will be for the rest of my life.

My Ideals
A Gay Opinion 7/08/00
by R.A. Melos

You know, if I had been asked, several years ago, to describe my ideal partner, I would have said he would be 6'1", blue eyes, jet black hair, around 145 lbs., with sparse hair on his pale white skin, Scottish/Irish ethnicity, 6" circumcised penis, with a marvelous sense of humor, and sensual pleasure who could make me laugh in bed, and could make me think his complete lack of butt, and unusual ear lobes were sexy.

He would have slender arms which I could spend hours in, and smooth skin, and a soft stomach which I would love to touch. He would trim his pubic hair, because he felt it made up in illusionary looks for what he would feel he lacked. His lips would be soft, and his touch would be gentle.

His laugh might sound phony to some, but he would reserve his real self for me. He would want to give me the world, and I would refuse, because all I wanted was his love and affection, and he would freely give it.

He would seduce me several times a day, where ever and when ever he felt like it, and I would allow him his way because I loved him. We would spend hours on the floor in front of the television, or in his bed, or office, or kitchen, making love. This was the man of my ideal, several years ago. He had everything I wanted and more, with one exception.

Now, if you ask me today, what is my ideal mate like, I will tell you one word. Honest. It was the one trait my old ideal lacked. The old ideal lacked the ability to tell the truth.

So now, my ideal partner is all of the things I mentioned, plus the one missing ingredient. My ideal mate is honest. If you live in Middlesex County New Jersey, and you fit the above description, and you're not my ex-lover, contact me.

I have many other ideals which go into the relationship aside from the physical description of my new and improved Mr. Right. Besides the honesty of NIMR (New and Improved Mr. Right), he has a sense of commitment, which is something I'm definitely looking for, just like in the LeAnn Rimes some of the same name.

My NIMR has to have a great sense of romance, the ability to make even the most absurd setting seem romantic as long as he is by my side. He has to be able to hold my hand in public without fear, and even kiss (a public display of affection or PDA to those don't ask, don't tell military types who may be considering applying for the position of NIMR).

My NIMR has to openly support my careers as a real estate agent, writer, tarot interpreter and metaphysical consultant, without feeling compelled to experience any of them with me. He has to knock down some walls to get to my heart, and the only way to do that is to win my trust. He has to have a lot of patience with me, and think I'm worth the winning.

The NIMR has to know I bruise easily, and hold onto hurt like a Pit Bull holding onto a raw steak. He has to be willing to risk my wraith in order to win my heart, and know his actions will be rewarded with eternal love if he succeeds in earning my trust.

My ideal intimate relationship can be anywhere, as long as it is with my ideal lover.


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