Even with the current world situation, with America facing new and different terrorist threats each day, and the entire country being combed by FBI and CIA agents in search of terrorist cells, some people still have time to spread hate. Jerry Falwell did it only a few days after the September 11th attack, pointing the finger of blame, along with Pat Robertson, at gays, lesbians, abortionists, Pagans, and the ACLU, to name a few, for God lifting the curtain of protection from America.

This was written more than one year earlier, and in that time, despite the circumstances ALL Americans find themselves facing, some people still have time for homophobia and hate.

Is This Good Or Bad For The Jews?
A Gay Opinion 3/09/00

by R.A. Melos

Note: The above phrase has been asked since the time of Moses. Consider it a metaphor. If you don't know what that is, get a dictionary.

With the passing of Prop 22 in California, and the current homophobia being spread by the likes of Dr. Laura, being a homosexual is akin to being a Jew in Germany just before WWII. Okay, I know people tell me I over react to things like Prop 22, or Dr. Laura's barrage of homophobia, but I don't think of it as over reacting. Believe me, I don't want to be the one standing in the makeshift prison camp somewhere in the Midwest, shouting "I told you so," to a bunch of drag queens, transvestites, and circuit party goers who were too busy living in a rose colored world to see the coming storm, but I'm envisioning that scenario very clearly at the moment.

Like they say, "I may be paranoid, but that doesn't mean they're not out to get me."

Well, paranoid or not, I'm sounding yet another wake up call to the homosexual community. Yes, I know, many of you were right there supporting the Stop Dr. Laura and the No on Knight campaigns, but just as many of you were picking out frocks, and shoveling coke up your noses like there was nothing unusual about the clouds on the horizon.

Face it people, this is beyond the battle of Stonewall. Yes, I was only 5 when Stonewall happened, and until several years ago had never even heard of it, but now I know, and am that much more aware of the gay struggle because of that knowledge. A struggle, I might add, that is going on today in schools, churches, businesses across the country. A struggle that, despite your best efforts to either remain closeted, or simply bury your head in the sand, is still effecting you in one way or another.

The gay community has a "there, but for the grace of God, go I" mentality. We recognize the sacrifice of Matthew Shepard, but do we really recognize the true magnitude of his murder, or are we just shaking our heads, maybe shedding a tear, and thanking whatever deities we acknowledge that it wasn't us? I think it's more the latter, unfortunately.

I'm not saying go out and get killed for a cause. I do not believe there is a cause in today's society worth dying for, but I do believe in standing up for ourselves as a community. It is time, as I've said before, to stand up, come out, and be counted as someone who matters. Every homosexual matters on an equal level with every heterosexual. Think about this for a moment.

How would you feel, as a homosexual, if you were on a sinking ship and were refused a seat on a lifeboat because you, as a homosexual, are not as important as a heterosexual? How would you feel if a police squad came banging at your door and told you the state was claiming your property and all your possessions because homosexuals are no longer entitled to own property? How would you feel if a Family Service employee showed up at your child's school and took your child while you were at work because homosexuals are no longer allowed to adopt or in any way be a parental figure to children?

All of these scenarios are very possible, just as Prop 22 is now a reality. Many people thought Prop 22 simply couldn't pass and it did. There are several other states which already have similar laws, and in Vermont, the state which now seems to be the gay friendliest, many small towns are already voting down the acceptance of same-sex benefits, paving the way to deny same-sex marriage as well.

I'm not saying the acknowledgment of same-sex marriage will suddenly make the entire world a gay friendly place, like a giant amusement park with a rainbow theme, but the acknowledgment of same-sex couples will create an atmosphere of minimal safety for the homosexual until we, as a community, are fully recognized as equal to the heterosexual community.

Many of us already understand the point of view of the heterosexual community, having to act as if we are one of them just to keep our jobs or avoid being murdered by some small minded bigot who works two machines away from ours at the mill, but as long as we allow ourselves to live with those fears we are allowing the heterosexual world, and bigots like Dr. Laura and all those in favor of Prop 22, to control our lives.

I will not be controlled by someone who thinks of me as a deviant. I am a human being, and entitled to the same rights as every other human being. I am entitled to the respect of acceptance as I am, and should not be expected to change or hide quietly while my opposite-sex neighbors can openly celebrate their whatever number anniversary. An open celebration of their love for one another, which all same-sex relationships are currently denied. Oh sure, we can have our celebrations, and they may mean just as much or even more because ours might be a true union of love, but it would be nice to know we aren't risking our lives just by sharing a celebration of love.

I do fear it would not be far from reality to expect some of the dreadful scenarios I painted here. The Jews didn't all believe the Nazi party could rise the way it did, and millions lost their lives. It rose up out of secrecy and families started disappearing in the night. Think about this possibility when you next gather with your homosexual friends. Will they all be there in the future, or will a modern day Nazi party, maybe headed by some radio shrink or senator with delusions of grandeur, rise up and take away what should rightfully be yours?


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