Primarily written for Out There! Collaborations, the subject was Positive Love Experiences. Now you may wonder, after reading so far, what I could say about a positive love experience? You'd be surprised.

Love Types
A Gay Opinion 2/05/01
by R.A. Melos

When we met it was love at first sight. Oh, I had a previous relationship, which left me cynical, brokenhearted, bitter, and hateful. Then, along came the other.

My first relationship was primarily based on sex. Oh sure, there were moments of companionship and affection, lunch, breakfast, talking, but everything inevitably led to sex. Hot, passionate sex, sometime initiated by me, other times by him, but the point being we were always having sex.

The other helped me to see there was another way. I would take walks with the other, and talk for hours with him, lying on the floor, or on the bed, sometimes just laying there looking into each others eyes. While I was used to very little honesty or emotion from the first relationship, the other showed me great affection, waking me with kisses, and lying close at night.

The first relationship taught me sex, hot and passionate. The other taught me platonic love. He taught me of love based on trust, without the need for lies.

As with the first, it was love at first sight, but with more commitment than could ever have been given by either of us in my first relationship. I knew instantly, the other and I would be together for life. Oh, I know, a platonic relationship with no hope of going beyond emotional love would send most people running, but I welcomed it. The other taught me sex wasn't necessary to make a relationship work.

While my first love taught me sexual tricks, which would make a pro blush, the other taught me to just be there for each other. The first taught me to lie, to hurt, and to destroy for selfish needs, and the other taught me to heal, to tell the truth, to love and build based on honesty.

I know I will someday need a relationship which encompasses both the first and the other, but for now I'm blessed enough to have the other in my life.

The first moved on and hurt me in doing so. The other licked my emotional wounds. The first was a man I will always love for his sexual prowess and insatiable appetite. The other is a dog who I will always love for his instinctive sense of emotional comfort.

There are many kinds of love in the world. The love between two men, each searching for a type of comfort men can get from the sexual satisfaction of man to man sex, without connecting on a real emotional level. Then there is the type of love between a man and a dog, who connect on a emotional level without the need for sexual intimacy to so solidify their love for one another.

I'm ready for another type of love, the kind which combines the sexual bliss of the first, with the emotional security of the other. I want the trust and companionship, the truth and loyalty. I've had the first, and have the other, now bring on the next.


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