Is there really a gay gene? I thought about this for a long time, especially when I considered the fact I truly felt I was born gay. I never remember making a choice to be gay, so it must be instinctual, based on DNA or genetic makeup of an individual. I'm comfortable with that, after having lived years of lies in order to placate heterosexual society. Here is my theory.

My Theory of Homosexual Evolution

A Gay Opinion 4/02/00
by R.A. Melos

I saw a news report on a study which shows homosexuals have longer ring fingers than index fingers. The study, the reporter said, offers more proof homosexuality is genetic.

I don't care what studies are done, or about the results of those studies. I don't care to know why I'm attracted to the same sex instead of the opposite sex. I just am, and I'm tired of heterosexual society trying to change me or find a reason to explain away why I'm "different". As far as I'm concerned, heterosexuals are the ones who are different from me.

I'm perfectly content with myself as a gay male. And I know I could be blissfully happy, if only heterosexual society would leave me to live my life and pursue my goals and interests with the same respect showed other formerly discriminated upon peoples. Unfortunately, heterosexual society is made up of curious creatures who want to dissect homosexuality, find out what makes us gay, and, quite possibly, discover a way to eradicate it from the gene pool.

It is disappointing, for me, to see a world built by diversity of culture, searching out the one element which crosses all racial and cultural lines, as if it were a disease to be cured. Oh, I know, I've heard all the arguments by heterosexual scientists who claim this is only a theory. Yet, through their words and actions many heterosexuals admit they would be more comfortable if everyone in the world were like themselves.

I guess these men and women of heterosexual nature have blinded themselves to the possible theory of the one true mutation of genetic unification.

We, the homosexual nation, the genetic lost tribe, are the future. We are racial unification, in the fact we are genetically related through natural evolution. We are the link to black, white, red, and yellow. Every race on Earth, and every living species, has undergone sexual scrutiny, and homosexual behavior has been reported in all races and species.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger calls homosexuals deviants who can not interact with members of the opposite sex in a so-called "normal" manner. We are not deviants, but rather the natural evolution of the human species. We are the next generation of life on Earth.

We, the gene which makes us, I believe, have been part of the genetic make up of the human race since the beginning when the first cell divided. We, the gay gene progeny, were there from caveman, some still are in that state, right through to today's modern human being.

Yes, I could be quite happy with myself and the world, if heterosexual society would go back to doing what I believe they are designed for; being the breeders of the next generation.

Instead of trying to explain us away, or find a "cure" for what man is evolving into, they should be nurturing us, allowing us to grow, and share our ideas for a future world where racial unification will free us from the conventional bonds holding civilization captive with prejudice and fear.

Face it folks. All life on Earth has a sexual capability allowing it to procreate.

Homosexuals are not the end of life on earth, but rather and extension of it. We are the nurturers who choose to breed not because God, or the church, or society, pressures us into it. Homosexuals adopt, or impregnate through less conventional methods, we propagate through lives lived in secrecy and lies, possibly just to put at ease heterosexual society's fear of the inevitable.

Man, as a species, must change and evolve to his next level for the universe to continue running its course. Heterosexual society is changing, no matter how much they want to halt forward movement.

The heterosexual world may not be ready for the next generation, but as long as they keep having sex, we, the homosexual people have a fifty-fifty chance of being the result of their unions.

If those who would deny us our equal rights in this society would have their way, the gene which makes us what we are would be singled out and destroyed. And, with the heterosexual society's desired extinction of homosexuality, heterosexuality would truly inherit the wind.


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