What Is Truth?
A Gay/Pagan Opinion 12/16/01
by R. A. Melos

Truth is the most powerful weapon known to mankind. It far surpasses every man-made weapon, for truth is part of the Universal Spirit or energy of which we are all made. The real power of truth is no the destruction it causes, because the only thing truth destroys is lies; and after the destruction of lies the real power of truth is revealed in the healing.

Truth heals all wounds no matter how deep, and by speaking and acknowledging the truth you begin the healing process. This cannot begin on a global scale until all of mankind's lies are revealed and accepted as lies, so they may be overcome, and then the healing may begin.

We all lie. Every creature on Earth practices some form of deception, but human beings can overcome the desire, the compulsion, to lie. Everyone h as within himself the ability to overcome the lies, and heal in the beauty of the truth.

For me, the word truth is the most beautiful word I know. It carries with it a gravity, on an emotional scale, stronger than the pull of the sun. It is my version of Heaven, or Summerland, and is a bright and shining light for our souls to bask in between incarnations. Truth is my Heaven, and the one pure element, albeit a non-corporeal element, in the universe.

If we look at each emotion, each thought or feeling, as a manifestation of the universal energy on this plane of existence, acting together to form our physical world, truth is akin to the most basic element which goes into the building of everything.

This isn't to say everyone is basically honest, only that everyone is capable of being honest. Many of us are not only capable of being honest, but we draw strength from the light of the truth. It is only when the darkness of lies overshadows us, our souls become corrupted and diseased, and suffer, on a metaphysical level. Thus when a corrupted soul is released to be reincarnated, it is first healed by the light of truth.

No, not all souls take to the healing process, or heal quick enough, before returning, and some go through several cycles suffering from the disease of lies.

This knowledge doesn't make me any better than anyone else, or make me immune to the disease of lies, it only makes me more aware of a better, more positive way to achieve results. Truth and honesty can appear to contradict societies morality, in the fact it is, as in the case of homosexuality, waking society to lies of oppression placed upon homosexuals over the centuries.

Truth is a form of understanding which gives us a new way of looking at something we, as of yet, have trouble understanding as a society. Each of us have our own truth to contend with, to cultivate, and to harvest. For some it is sexuality, for others the ignorance of another's sexuality which begat violence, hurt, anger and pain toward those who were perceived as being different. And still others refuse to face their own truth, out of fear of being thought of as different, or out of ignorance to the beauty truth can create in their lives.

Mankind doesn't require truth or lies in order to thrive, only the free will to choose which path to follow at each fork of truth or lies in our life journeys. Some of us willingly travel down what we perceive as being the path of least resistance, and sometime that path is truth, though more often it is littered with lies.

As I said, I don't proclaim to be better than the next person simply because I choose the pathways of truth, because every life path leads to the same ultimate destination, it just depends on how those paths are traveled whether or not we have positive or negative experiences. We have to realize every negative experience is a lesson, just as is each positive experience, teaching us a better way to traverse life's highways and byways.

Truth isn't always a pleasant experience, and can something be a very hurtful and bitter lesson, but even the most bitter truth eventually gives way to the light of healing. The sad fact is, we usually take too long to recognize the peaceful beauty of truth, spending our lives running from it out of fear, and when we do finally face the truth, about ourselves, our world, our lives, it is too late to correct or make up for the damages caused by our lies.

I wish everyone truth, honesty, and inner peace, for those are the virtues worth fighting to preserve, and the form of Heaven I would fight to protect.



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