Wind Spirit

One of my interests lie in Native American spirituality. There are beliefs very similar to those of many European countries, but I just like the imagery of the Native American and their paths. One of these paths lends spirits to all the elements of the known world. The elements are the warriors who protect and guide the universe.

Wind Spirit is a young Indian brave, red skinned, with long raven hair blowing wildly behind him. His outstretched arms are shrouded with a cape of multicolored feathers, his red bronzed chest is bare save for the medicine pouch hanging around his neck, his legs are covered with buckskin pants, and moccasins adorn his feet.

Being an air spirit he never really walks on the ground, but seems to hover; usually he is high up above or in the trees. He is quick tempered, but can move with you as a gentle breeze, or a raging hurricane. He is a cleanser or a destroyer. He can blow away the hurt and pain, with a gentle kiss or cause the total destruction of man's foolishness.

Wind Spirit, as with all elemental spirits, is a messenger. I associate him with the Page of Wands in the Tarot, or Jack of Clubs in regular card decks. His symbols are feathers, leaves, and smoke. He helps feed and care for his siblings Fire Spirit, a set of fraternal twins male and female. He can be the devoted brother who helps them flourish, or the domineering brother who blows out their flame before they can get their desires manifested.

As a messenger, Wind Spirit tells us of the ideas nestled within our minds. He whispers to us in the trees, and across the plains. He tells us of the new potential which lay ahead for us, if we follow his advice. He goads us to walk in the wake of his path, and pick up the ideas he scatters before us, the leaves and feathers which we weave into the tapestry of our creative desires.

Wind Spirit can comfort us with his billowing breezes, as he tells us of future possibilities. One of the dangers of Wind Spirit is he is often accompanied by his close friend Loki, the trickster, in an invisible form, who pretends to be Wind Spirit and whispers lies to us.